Blériot Tilly

Utility space can be exciting!

Anthropods® ‘utility’ pod featuring straight sides, maximising the floor areas and if required, enabling disabled access.

Adaptable to a wide range of markets; we can provide the pod as an empty space or fitted out with bespoke features.


  • Fitted power track rail
  • Overhead lighting run
  • Actis Hybris® Insulation


Offices, Education, Home Office, Home Studio, Commercial, Retail, Catering.

Interior Options:

  • Heating

Service Options - Power:

  • Electric
  • Solar & Distributed heating

Service Options - Sewage:


Footing Requirements:

  • 4 No. 1m cubed, level concrete pads.
  • Placed on existing concrete hard-standing


Payment Options:

Standard payment terms

  • 30% payable on order/booking a production slot and delivery date.
  • 20% payable mid-build
  • 50% payable ex-works


Anthropods® also offer finance via Tickety Boo Finance. Click here to find out more.


All Anthropods® products come with a 3-year Structural & Parts Warranty


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