Blériot Janus

The sensational twin compartment Janus

Janus …the twin headed god of progress from past to future! This is a double-ended Plus pod that features an apartment at each end. Opening a sliding door reveals a shared kitchen and shower/wc in the centre. Our first Janus model featured a special clothes drying cupboard, 3-seat sofa and table converting to a double bed, wardrobe & storage space.


  • Sleeps 4
  • Fitted kitchen
  • Fitted Shower/WC/Basin with Heated Towel rail
  • Integrated Bluetooth® speakers in the overhead lighting run


Glamping & Camping sites, Airbnb, Country Houses, Attractions, Holiday retreats & Hotels, Temporary Staff accommodation.

Interior Options:

Main Double Bed 

  • Converts to 4 seat Dinette
  • Fixed Converts to 4 seat Dinette

3-seat Sofa

  • Converts to twin Bunk Beds


  • Fully featured
  • Tea/Coffee station (for sites with existing Food facilities)

Service Options - Power:

  • Electric
  • Gas & electric
  • Electric & Distributed heating
  • Solar & Distributed heating
  • Gas & Solar

Service Options - Sewage:

  • Cesspit & radials
  • Underground tank
  • Above ground tank
  • Sewage Treatment tank
  • Reedbed

Footing Requirements:

Raft with mesh


Payment Options:

Standard payment terms

  • 30% payable on order/booking a production slot and delivery date.
  • 20% payable mid-build
  • 50% payable ex-works


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All Anthropods® products come with a 3-year Structural & Parts Warranty


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