Popular Wedding Venue Chooses Anthropods to Supplement Luxury Guest Accommodation

Posted 14th January 2020

An order for six Anthropod Bleriot 72 models has been secured for Thief Hall, the classy North Yorkshire wedding venue. 

The first four pods will be 4-berth standard size, on-grid, Bleriot 72 models, featuring wet rooms, media area, tea and coffee preparation facilities, fridges and Bluetooth speakers. The heating and hot water will be supplied by a specially installed on-site, bio-mass boiler that will service all six pods.

The final two pods are planned to be the wider 4-berth Bleriot Plus + models which will feature 2 x King Size double beds, rather than the usual combination of 1 x King Size double and 2 x single bunk beds. The first three pods will be delivered in late May/early June and the second three will be installed by early September 2020.

The craftsman made pods will be in a grass paddock adjacent to other converted farm buildings offering high-class accommodation. Additional native species hedging, shrubs and tree planting will help the Western Red Cedar Wood clad pods to blend naturally into the surrounding landscape; the site enjoys beautiful, long-distance rural views.   

Thief Hall is located on the fringes of the picturesque village of Thornton-le-Moor, a short distance from North Yorkshire’s county town of Northallerton. In centuries past the Great North Road ran past the property and Thief Hole (a discreet gap in the hedging) is close by. This was the original secret lair of highway robbers, who held up passing stagecoaches on the London – Edinburgh journey.

Said Anthropod Chairman, Douglas Adamson, ‘This is a significant order for our growing business, Thief Hall is a highly prestigious venue and will make an excellent showcase for our expanding portfolio of prospective buyers.’

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