Glamping – Helping Hands Needed Whether You Are A New Entrant Or a Seasoned Veteran

Posted 2nd February 2022

Embarking on any glamping venture requires plenty of time and thought. When making a purchase you need to have the reassurance that your supplier will be alongside you throughout the process, from planning to installation and after sales. 

Our own experiences exemplify the need to be not just a professional adviser but mentor to avoid the pitfalls and issues that undoubtedly arise during the journey. Currently we have sales coming to the order stage with customers with whom we have been in dialogue over two years. We call glamping pods very slow moving consumer goods products!

Building Trust

During this period we get to know our customers very well, not quite family, more like distant cousins. If it is a first time venture it is incumbent to assess the sort of return on investment that can be expected before shelling out thousands of pounds. What is the likelihood of planning being granted (where needed) and help to challenge objectives should they come, as surely they will. When marketing your glamping pods what are the key target markets and what triggers will aid bookings – sustainability, luxury, all year around comfort etc and of course being quick to sort out any glitches post installation. Partnership is an overused phrase but by getting to know your pod suppliers you can quickly assess whether they are going to go the extra distance when required.

Long term investment 

Like any business you need to look to the long term. Building a glamping enterprise is not a fast buck exercise but one that will provide a sustainable income stream within 2 years of set up, and go on to generate profits in the years ahead. So buy products that will last and not go out of fashion, mix pod types on your site and continue to refresh with new innovations by adding creature comforts like hot tubs and fire pits. For those looking for small out of the way locations choose suppliers that can provide genuine off-grid solutions that enhance your green credentials and satisfy those customers who want remoteness with minimal environmental impact.  

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