Glampers seek more luxury and new experiences

Posted 17th September 2020

The Glamping market is not only growing rapidly but is becoming more discriminating. It was not long ago that the glamping phenomena (luxury camping) was characterised by crudely adapted garden sheds but today’s consumers are demanding more. More luxury, more innovation and new, natural, experiences. Once yurts and shepherd’s huts were the ‘in thing,’ but now, as more people want to experience the great outdoors, and Covid-19 is accelerating the UK staycation market, it means that pod manufacturers are having to deliver more than nailed plank walls and bare floors.

When Anthropods CEO and inventor, Rik Currie, first set out to create an Anthropod he used all his industrial design skills (Rik once designed trains for Dutch railways) to build a sustainable, warm and stylish pod like no other. Drawing his inspiration from legendary French aviator, Louis Bleriot, the resulting Bleriot model range features a monocoque timber frame structure like an aircraft that creates extra interior space with a smaller floor footprint. Using only timber from sustainable sources and recycled plastic bottles for insulation Anthropods tick the green boxes.

From the day of the prototype launch in September 2018 at the Glamping Show, consumers have been wowed by the unique designs and funky, adjustable off-ground leg configurations. Anthropods can be up to 5 metres high at under tree canopy level or closer to the ground at 3 metres. This means Anthropods can be located where there is water run-off or flooding. Also, they can be placed on uneven ground and hillsides using the special rake-leg configuration.

Comfort, luxury have always been paramount coupled with every modern convenience: wet room with shower, toilet and basin, kitchen with hob, cooker, fridge and sink, heaters (and wood burning stove options), media area, storage, wardrobes and Bluetooth speakers.

Anthropods are sold on or off-grid. So for the discerning glamper who wants it all, at any time of the year, there’s only one solution, Anthropods.

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