Big, bold and beautiful – The Anthropod Bleriot Plus +

Posted 3rd September 2019

Benefit from 20% more space for just 10% extra cost!

Here at Anthropods we have a reputation for innovation and creativity, but we never forget our Yorkshire roots and always recognise the need for great value.

The Bleriot Plus + range takes the proven Bleriot 53 and 72 luxury glamping pods models’ footprint and we simply blew some extra air into the structure to deliver an increased width of 30cms (1 ft), creating 20% more internal space.

Great new space, same great design

Anthropod Plus Floorplan

The Bleriot Plus + models feature the same great glamping pod interior specifications as the original Anthropods – totally sealed wet room, kitchen with hob, fridge and microwave, 2 or 4 berth options including a king size double bed, wardrobe, media area and plenty of storage.

The greatly increased further space pods means occupants can move around more easily and relax in the high-quality, luxury accommodation that is the hallmark of all Anthropods.

The wider pods can still be delivered on a flat-bed truck without needing transport escort or incurring additional carriage costs.

So, when ordering you can now specify the Bleriot 53 and 72 models in their Plus + form and you will get 25% more space for just 10% additional cost. Prices start starting at just £26,950.

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