Make your Anthropod whatever it wants to be

Glamping pods for park operators, camp site, landowners or aspiring AirBnB owners

The Anthropod range offers unique solutions to leisure market players whatever their size, from major park operators to farmers wanting to diversify, or an entrepreneurial small holder keen to exploit a plot of land. Whatever the need, there’s a stylish Anthropod to match their requirements.

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The garden office

What better environment to get away from it all in the luxurious, bespoke surroundings of your own Anthropod office/studio/writing hideaway? You’ll have all modern conveniences to hand and be in a cosy warm environment away from the distractions of home. Alternatively, make your Anthropod pay for itself many times over as a beautifully appointed AirBnB.

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Hotel or wedding venue accommodation with a difference

Whether you are located 5 metres up under the tree canopy with the Anthropod Sky, or perched on a hillside with stunning views over the landscape in an Anthropod Rake, your guests will be enraptured with this special living experience, making their stay even more memorable.

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The promotional pod for all occasions

Ideal accommodation at up-market sporting occasions or for hosting celebrities at festivals and special events, the Anthropod is bound to turn heads and make any occasion that bit more special. With the ability to design the interiors to fit every need and whim, Anthropods can be customised to celebrate either a brand launch, gig or social gathering.

Play pod for schools, recreational establishments and home

What could be more fun than making your Anthropod a play house, den or place of informal learning and storytelling? Let your imagine run riot and we’ll do the rest!

Any Bleriot pod is an interesting space to be and by working with our customers we can create a sensory pod where learning, calming, soft play and therapeutic environments can be created to suit individual and small group needs. Please get in touch for more information.

On site, anywhere

Your Anthropod could be used as a refuge for building workers in remote locations or any construction site where there is need for day or night time accommodation or just a relaxing place to make a brew.

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