Anthropods Nominated Twice by Netherlands Camping Organisation

Posted 2nd August 2022

Anthropods & Co Ltd, the Yorkshire based glamping pod design and manufacturing business, have been nominated by Dutch camping organisation ANWB under the Most Special Rental Accommodation Category in their prestigious annual awards.

Two Anthropods pods, each different models at different sites have been short listed: The 5 metre high 4 berth Bleriot Sky model at Ardoer Camping in Vreehorst in Winterswijk, Gelderalnd, and the 4 berth wider bodied Bleriot Plus Air model at Campsite Si-Es-An, located in the peaceful Reestdal nature reserve at Balkburg

There are only ten nominees across the Netherlands and a jury of international experts has drawn up the shortlist. However, in a change from previous, the public will have the final say and voting ends on 30th October with the winners announced on 11th January 2023.

‘This is a terrific endorsement of the quality and uniqueness of Anthropods by an overseas jury of experts and demonstrates our commitment to delivering the best of British design and manufacturing to export markets, ‘ says Rik Currie, Anthropod CEO and inventor.

The organisers say the awards are the crown on the work of campsite owners and their teams and this is an excellent opportunity for camping enthusiasts to put their favourite campsite in the spotlight.

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