Anthropods Continues to Innovate

Posted 10th May 2021

In response to customer requests, Anthropods, the award-winning North Yorkshire designer and manufacturer of upmarket glamping and micro-dwelling accommodation, is launching a new model.

The Anthropod Janus, is based on the popular Bleriot Plus model and features entrances at either end of the pod. It has been designed to provide private, secure living and sleeping accommodation for two persons with a shared wet room and kitchen.

Additional space has been created by widening the pod at either side and enclosing the entrance porch area. In addition extra side windows have been create to provide more light and maximise views. The Janus can be utilised as additional hotel space or as staff accommodation; the Janus does not sacrifice the legendary luxury and quality finish of the traditional Bleriot models and features a totally sustainable structure and interior employing certificated materials. 

The first of the Janus models is destined for an island estate on the West Coast of Scotland.

‘We are excited about this latest manifestation of the Bleriot,’ said Anthropod CEO and chief designer, Rik Currie. ‘It demonstrates the versatility of the original design without compromising the structure and unique look of our mould-breaking Bleriot models. What makes the Janus special is that it provides all year-round accommodation in style, comfort and warmth whatever the weather. The Janus, like all Anthropod models, is built to last 25 years plus.’

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