Anthropod GO! Garden Office Coming To Your Garden Soon

Posted 28th May 2020

The Anthropod GO! Garden Office brings a fresh new perspective to home working and extra household accommodation. GO! is a less costly and hassle free option than a house extension and compared to a ‘souped up’ garden shed, it is a moveable asset. GO! can go with you if you move house.

GO! comes fully fitted with a built in work desk, storage, filing and wardrobe spaces, a tea and coffee preparation area, plenty of electric sockets and optional extras of easy chairs, bluetooth speakers, tables and a pull-out sofa double bed to relax or provide additional sleeping accommodation.

The funky, minimalist Scandi interior offers a harmonious refuge to work in stylish surroundings with plenty of windows to observe the natural world. GO! is green and uses only timber from sustainable sources that requires no maintenance, and features a special  insulated lining made from recycled plastic bottles. It is fully equipped for all year around usage with electric or gas heating plus a wood burning stove option if preferred. GO! Has a 3 year warranty and an anticipated life span of 25 years plus.

Featuring special modular legs, a key feature of every Anthropod, which enables location on uneven ground or where there is water run-off. GO! avoids expensive excavations and ground works as it only requires 4 x 1 metre square pads for the legs to sit on.

GO! Garden offices fall under Permitted Planning Regulations and only carry 5% vat

Cost: £27.5k + vat, transport and installation.

More details: 07860 420763 or 01423 56900

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