Anthropod Aqua Makes A Splash

Posted 13th January 2020

Just when you thought that Anthropods innovation could go no further, Anthropod CEO and Inventor, Rik Currie has come up with yet another take on his unique Anthropod Bleriot 72 design – The Anthropod Aqua.

Anthropods Walk on Water

Over a year ago, Nick Keepfer of Zegomarine in South Wales, got in touch with the company and suggested that their Matrix pontoons could provide the ideal platform for a floating Anthropod. Because at this time, the Company was concentrating on developing sales for its land-based Anthropod models, the idea was put to one side. Then a few weeks ago, a customer’s throw away remark on how he’d like a ‘floating Anthropod,’ brought the idea back into sharp focus.

So, Rik got to work on the initial concept and Nick Keepfer of Zegomarine was contacted again to discuss in more detail the technical requirements to fulfil this pipedream. He suggested that one of his aluminium chassis sitting on a two EPS foam-filled tubes would provide an excellent catamaran-style pontoon which would do the trick. The attached illustration shows how this would work in practice and provide a unique accommodation offering for holiday park operators with lake, loch, broads, river, canal, island and marina locations.

The costs have yet to be finalised for the gangways and extra engineering for the leg anchorages, but the Anthroopd shell and interior fittings would remain identical to Bleriot 72 or Bleriot 53 on-grid models. Greywater would be piped to on-bank holding tanks or treatment plants. The pods would be tethered and are not designed to be motorised but could be towed into position.

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