A recipe for success – double your income with an Anthropod Twin

Posted 27th August 2019

An idea born from commercial realism

The recipe for an Anthropod Twin is really simple:

  • Take two Anthropod Micro models, and place them back-to-back.
  • Put an entrance at each end to create one super 8 metre pod.
  • Then build a soundproof dividing wall between the two.

Hey presto, you have two superb high quality, lettable modular glamping pod/hotel bed spaces in one stylish Anthropod!

All Anthropod, more income opportunities

Anthropod Twin Interior Layout

The Anthropod Twin en suite pods have a fixed king size double bed, galley kitchen, wardrobe, heating, Bluetooth sound system and storage space.

These luxury camping pods also enjoys all the usual Anthropod benefits of being located on uneven ground, with minimal groundworks preparation, all wrapped up in the same design-led, beautifully constructed package.

And, oh yes, for double the income!

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